When a pile of cheese choices is never enough

Posted: 24 Jun '21

I had the pleasure of visiting the new Harris Farms Supermarket at West Village last weekend. You could have been forgiven for thinking that nothing ever happens in West End with the amount of people in the store. There was wall to wall noisy enthusiasm and, as I wandered through, I could see why. The seafood section … succulent. The patisserie delights … delectable. And then I saw the cheese. OMG, what an array of choice. Yes, I know, all supermarkets have cheese choices, but this was next level. A whole refrigerator of my favourite, Dauphinoise Brie. YUM! And it made me wonder, was this a Field of Dreams moment? The old “If you build it, they will come”. Had Harris Farms tapped into an underground overwhelming desire for more cheese in the diet of West Enders or had they just created huge enthusiasm for their products by offering huge choice and doing it well? I’m thinking it’s the second option so I started thinking how I could use this example for my business. Unfortunately, it would be difficult to find hundreds of people in West End as hyped about bookkeeping as I am about cheese but that is my mission. If you've got any great ideas how I can achieve that, give me a bell. All cheesy tips gratefully accepted.

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