Roman reunion

Posted: 4 Nov '21

It’s been so wonderful to see the upside of the world coming out of hibernation. I have had many happy tears this week watching the airport reunions on the nightly TV news and social media. Like many families, we have been separated from our loved ones by thousands of kilometres and many oceans for nearly two years but now we can start planning real life reunions. Can’t wait for those first huge hugs.

The pandemic has also led the arty folk amongst us to plan reunions of a different sort. They have been reuniting Brisbane-ites with European art. And with the huge success of the European Masterpieces exhibit at GOMA and the early ticket sales for the Van Gogh experience, it looks like they were spot on with their concept. Not only have Aussies been missing family and travel but also our artistic fix. And now we don’t even have to travel far to get our fix. This week, West End have jumped on the arty band wagon with Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel : The Exhibition opening at West Village. What a win! You can now visit the Sistine Chapel then wander outside for yummy pizza at Italian Street Kitchen. It’s almost like being right there in Rome. The exhibition runs from 27/10/21 until 5/1/22 and tickets start from $22 for adults. Details are below. I can’t wait to wander through.

So how does the success to these recent exhibitions relate to your small business? I am thinking it’s the old “If you build it, they will come”. If the pandemic has taught us anything it’s that people want change. They want something familiar but they also want things done differently. Whether it’s fine dining restaurants adapting to home delivery or hairdressers opening all hours. Any new idea is a good idea. Successful businesses are the ones that continually adapt and improve. So give it a crack! What will be your art embracing moment?

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