Musical beards and a free chat

Posted: 14 Oct '21

One of my favourite weekend past-times is a Sunday sesh with live music. Moving to West End has given us the opportunity to try a new place just about every week. Which is how we came to meet the Bearded Lady. No, not the one in P.T. Barnum’s circus. The one that’s the quintessential West End bar in Boundary Street that, according to their website, locals call “The Beardo”. Imagine a recycled log cabin with a funky piano and friendly patrons. Last Sunday we toddled along to this icon for an afternoon of “jazz, blues, soul and funk”. What a great place! The music was amazing, the wine delicious and the crowd were welcoming and appreciative.

We also experienced something we haven’t done in years. We paid a cover charge. It took me back to a time when I frequented pub rock venues in the late 80’s (yes, I am that flipping old). What great memories, and the music was always just as good. COVID has changed that whole scene. It could be said that artists have suffered harder than anyone over the last 2 years. With venues closed and numbers capped, there has been little work and minimal income support. So, we were happy to do our little bit to help and cough up some cash. Great idea for the Bearded Lady to bring in new patrons at low risk because the costs were covered. It did make me wonder if other sorts of businesses could also increase their coffers with that little bit extra from customers by offering something new. So, I’m practicing what I preach and am trying something new as well.

Here at JOG, we really care about making a difference. We want small businesses to succeed and we know that often, it’s just that business owners don’t know where to go to ask for assistance. So, we have a solution. If your business isn’t firing on all cylinders or the paperwork is taking way too long, or you just have a list of questions that you think are too silly to ask, hit us up. We would be delighted to give you a FREE online consulting session. Time enough for you to pick our business brain and hit us with all the questions to help you on your path to greatness. Just click on the below link to make a booking and you are away 

Until then, I’ll start planning our next musical adventure. I wonder if they also have music at the Axe throwing bar?

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