Follow my message, not my actions

Posted: 6 May '21

This morning I had the privilege of experiencing a West End icon, the Annual Women’s shoe sale. I won’t lie, I have an addiction. My closet is chockers with an assortment of colours and styles of feet fashion. And yet …. I still made a purchase. It made me wonder if some small businesses have the same kind of addiction. They are holding ample stock for every occasion but see something pretty and shiny and succumb to the pull of the purchase. In my case, it just leads to being in trouble for taking up too much space in the wardrobe. But for small businesses, being top heavy with stock can be detrimental to cash flow and maybe even to the bottom line if the excess stock has to be written off. So be a smart small business, follow my message not my actions. Take stock, count your blessings and buy less shoes.

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