Finding your business BFF

Posted: 27 May '21

The roadworks on Montague Road are finally finished. Let the cheering commence. There is no more developing that wonderful waving relationship with the Stop/Go man every morning. It’s been tough for commuters and pedestrians but even tougher on the surrounding businesses. They have had their entrances disrupted for 12 months. But at least they have been in it together. I see they have collaborated and are this week handing out discount vouchers for all their stores to encourage customers back to the area. What a great idea! Business helping business. It made me think about the type of businesses JOG could collaborate with to achieve the same results. The bookkeeping industry is very collegiate. We all help each other. But maybe there are also opportunities to find complimentary businesses to work with to build our business profiles. But who to choose? Do we go for a play on words and choose a business to JOG with? Or maybe a business that will support your physical health while we support your business health. Or we just choose an ice cream shop because……why not? Whichever way we go, businesses working together is always a step in the right direction. Who will be your business BFF?

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