What should your business be vaccinated for?

Posted: 13 May '21

Like it or not, the way out of this pandemic is global vaccination. I had my first dose of the COVID vaccine this morning and have high hopes that once most of us are vaccinated, the world will be safer, businesses can get back to normal trade and we might be able to travel again. Back into the land of sunshine and lollipops! I am well known for my Pollyanna tendencies, but it’s good for the soul to hope. It did make me think though, given an opportunity, what might small businesses want to be vaccinated for? Death by cash flow? Drowning in paperwork? Squished by the weight of too many customer orders? Thankfully, there is a vaccination for all of these. It comes down to data and having someone to interpret it. So many small businesses flounder because they don’t know what they don’t know. They are so busy with the day-to-day, that they don’t look up to see what’s coming. If your business is in desperate need of a healthy business vaccination, we’d love the opportunity to throw on our white coats and stethoscopes and come to your rescue. Give us a shout and we'll come to your rescue.

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