Please, no more waves. Bring on the rainbows

Posted: 20 Jan '22
Please, no more waves. Bring on the rainbows

Bring on the rainbows

Everywhere I go, I chat to business owners about how they are faring during this Omicron wave. Whether it’s my acupuncturist (who is a marvel, by the way), the place I buy my coffee or in my regular chats to all our little clients. I am truly interested in what they have to say and how they are travelling but I am also really interesting to see how this latest “pretend” lockdown is affecting the economy. In my limited survey, everyone concurs. It’s pretty tough out there. No-one is rejoicing. And the effects on business in this wave are much worse, because this time, there is limited government support. It’s all dried up.

Brisbane City Council are trying to do their bit. Yesterday, it was announced that they were “introducing a $5 million economic relief package by waiving a significant number of fees, rents and charges between 1 January and 31 March 2022”. This is “to support businesses, sporting and community groups across our city”.

It’s something, but it doesn’t help you pay staff or the rent. The details about this relief can be found at the following link.

The Queensland State Government yesterday made their attempt to help business by throwing open the borders to vaccinated international Australian travellers. They will no longer need to quarantine from 1am on Saturday 22/1/22 and the government are hoping this will bring more travellers to our beautiful state. Personally, I am delighted at this change as it will reunite my family. But, it will take time for this relaxation of borders to improve the bottom line of Queensland companies. Business Queensland also have some resources with tips and tricks on how to help your small business survive everything 2022 can throw at you. This includes a business health check survey, strategies to improve profits and cash flow and suggestions for developing new products and targeting new clients. It’s interesting reading if nothing else. These details can be found at the following links.

From the Federal Government, there is so far no relief for businesses. Individuals who have lost work, may be eligible for the $750 Pandemic Leave Disaster payment (depending on a financial hardship test). Details can be found at the following link.

So, the underlying message from all forms of Australian Government is we all just have to hang in there and wait for better times. For the sake of all Aussie businesses and individuals, may the sunshine and rainbows be just around the corner.  

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