EOFY - Fill your glass and turn the page

Posted: 1 Jul '21

I’m a glass half-full kind of girl. Yes, we are locked down again but this time it’s so much simpler. For a start, I have a home to be locked into. But also, because it’s EOFY week, it is usually crazy busy in our office. This week, since everyone has had to stay home, they have been less likely to spend their cash so our usual client workload has decreased. Yippee! It’s given me the chance to focus on year end for them instead. I’ve already finished Eleventy-nine of the Twenty-eleven things I have to do during July. Most of our client employees could already prepare their tax return if they wanted to and are undoubtedly ecstatic.

I know I’m a nerd, but I actually enjoy the start of a new financial year. It gives us all the opportunity to turn the page, start afresh and change any bad habits. Like putting money aside for Super, GST and PAYG. Or capturing every receipt for your poor bookkeeper. It is also often the trigger for when business owners say “I can’t do this paperwork for another year”. Enter JOG to lend a helping hand. It may be a busy time of year but we always make time to meet with new clients and offer advice. Let the page turning begin. I still have a squillion and nine things left to do.

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