Celebrate the little wins

Posted: 6 Aug '21

What a week! With COVID lockdowns comes more work for JOG than we can poke a stick at. Understandably, the situation makes all small businesses panic so we have been fielding queries and educating ourselves on all the available government help for our clients. Queensland were quick to announce they would help with $5,000 grants but currently there is no detail on what or how that will work. So, we wait and hope. In the meantime, I’ve been celebrating because I’ve had my 2nd vaccination and am ready to karate kick COVID in the solar plexus. Hopefully that will allow me to soon travel further than my living room. We need to celebrate these little wins and it made me ponder, what else could we celebrate this week? Well, there are our Aussie athletes killing it in Tokyo. I can’t count how many times I’ve cried watching the Olympics. Yay for those little champions! I’ve saved a ton of coin not going out for coffee during lockdown. That can help pay for my extra wine delivery. Yay to frugality! And a giant panda gave birth to twin girls in a French Zoo. Who knew that panda babies were pink? Ok, that last one was clutching at straws when it comes to something to celebrate in the bookkeeping world but, anything for good news. Bring it on COVID. I’m ready to launch that karate kick. And bring on the Queensland grants, Anastasia. We are ready to lodge!

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