That time, when art was spelt with an AI

Posted: 6 Jul '23
That time, when art was spelt with an AI

That time, when art was spelt with an AI

It is week one of the EOFY and I have to say, I am thriving. At this time of year, there is always a changeover of clients in accounting and bookkeeping practices. New businesses are starting, and old ones are retiring or selling up. This gives an injection of new enthusiasm to our busiest time. I had the opportunity to meet up with one of our new clients just last week. They are a young and dynamic skateboarding retail store in West End called Middlestore. Check them out at the below link.

We started chatting about one of my favourite topics, that is, how can we use AI to power clever businesses. I had thought that I was not a complete numpty about AI, but my client opened my eyes to a use of which I hadn’t heard. Did you know that you can now create AI-generated QR codes that take the concept of "artistic utility" to new heights? AI and QR codes may not seem like an obvious combination but trust me when I say that the results are nothing short of mesmerizing.

When I hear "QR codes," I typically envision those black-and-white squares that hold URLs and information that we all became so familiar with during the COVID restrictions. However, with the advent of AI, QR codes have been transformed into artistic masterpieces that can captivate the eye and stimulate the mind. We are not just talking about an art piece with a traditional QR code hidden in the corner. We are talking about art pieces that are the QR code. Mind blown! My nerdiness just became artistic!

There are other artistic uses as well. During my research, I read about an art exhibition where QR codes were ingeniously incorporated into the artworks. Each painting had a unique QR code strategically placed. Scanning the codes with a smartphone transported the viewer into a world of artistic immersion including taking the viewer to behind-the-scenes footage of the creation process. The QR code acted as a portal, bridging the gap between traditional art and technology.

So, how do you jump into using these artistic tools? Check out some software applications available now that harness the power of AI to generate stunning QR codes that double as works of art. Below are a few notable ones:

a) QR Art by QRTiger: QRTiger, an AI-powered QR code generator, offers a range of artistic options to transform your QR codes into visually striking designs. With its intuitive interface, you can customize your QR codes with colours, gradients, logos, and even images, infusing your codes with an artistic flair.

b) Delivr: Delivr takes QR code personalization to the next level. Not only can you customize the appearance of your QR codes, but you can also embed your own artwork or graphics within them. Whether it is a company logo, a portrait, or a stunning landscape, Delivr allows your QR codes to become visual stories in themselves.

c) Unitag QR Code Designer: This powerful tool enables you to create QR codes that harmonize with your brand's identity or personal style. With its vast array of design options, such as shapes, patterns, and custom background images, you can turn your QR codes into unique works of art that reflect your personality or business aesthetics.

So, whether you are an artist seeking to infuse QR codes with creativity or a business owner striving for something to show off your quirky side, AI-powered solutions have got you covered! AI is showing that it not only for automating our work experiences, but it also can provide unique avenues for creative expression in our daily lives. So, I am off to be a creative accountant in the best sense of the words.

Stay ‘Appy!

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