Sharing my superpower - advisory

Posted: 26 Jan '23
Sharing my superpower - advisory

Surprise, I am sharing my superpower - Advisory

I have spent my career interpreting financial data and sharing its hidden messages. It’s kind of like my own weird superpower. I realise this is not a particularly sexy superpower. I mean, I can't see Wonder Woman owning advisory as her point of difference when comparing herself to other superheroes. Come to think of it, all she had were fancy bracelets, a lasso, and an invisible plane so maybe she would. Either way, I have learnt to love my nerdiness and have leaned in and embraced it. So much so that when David Ross from the podcast “Every business needs a hero” was looking for accountants and bookkeepers to share their secrets on how they approach advisory, I jumped at the chance. The recording took place at last year’s Xerocon and the episode dropped yesterday. It is entitled “Business Advisory – What, Why, How and Who?” and if you want to hear my deep dark advisory secrets, check them out at the link below. The whole podcast is very informative, but if you are just looking for my dulcet tones, my interview starts at about 49 mins and 50 secs.

Continuing with the advisory theme, I have some other REALLY big news. For the past year, I have been searching for an automated advisory solution that would give Appy Books a practice-wide view of all clients’ performance. The goal was to efficiently and cost effectively advise by exception. We wanted dashboards with practical KPIs that were simple enough for business owners to understand and become part of their daily to-do list (because successful small businesses require engaged business owners). And we also wanted dashboards that were in-depth enough to start meaningful advisory conversations. To top it off, we wanted all of this in one place. There were solutions out there that came close to our needs, but none quite ticked off all our checklist boxes. So, I have spent the past few months using my afore-mentioned superpowers and created the solution.

I am proud to introduce to you Appy Dash, powered by Dashboard Insights.

It was created by an advisor for advisors and we think it has legs. Appy Dash will be available from mid-February 2023 and you’ll be able to check it out for yourself at the Australian Xero Roadshows at the Dashboard Insights stand.

I am so excited for the advisory power of Appy Dash to be shared.

If you want to know more, please reach out. I would be delighted to share my superpower secrets!

Phone: 0400 00 63 69

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