Love me a free gift

Posted: 16 Jun '22
Love me a free gift

Love me a free gift

I am always interested to see what little gems Business Queensland have in their newsletter. Whenever this hits my inbox, I grab a cuppa, put my feet up and devour what they have to offer in the way of business advice or support. This month it’s full of tips and tricks for the end of financial year. My favourite piece of advice is “make sure your tax agent is registered”. I love that the government are pushing this. In the past, this has been a real problem for the finance industry. Unregistered and uninsured operators offering uninformed advice to small business. We can take all the support that they can give.

But the newsletter article that caught my eye is a headline that read “500 small businesses to receive digital support”. It goes on to say that the Australian Government has provided a $1.9 Million Federal Grant “to deliver a trusted one stop shop where small business can access practical resources to improve their digital marketing”. That could make a huge difference to a small business trying to create an online presence and grow their business. Good job Business Queensland! It got me thinking about all our wonderful clients that may benefit from this subsidised service. If you are interested in the help, the details can be found at the link below. Apply quick because I bet it will fill up fast.

It did get me thinking. Wouldn’t it be great if this was extended to Federal Government subsidised bookkeeping and business advisory services for new small businesses. 60% of small businesses fail within 3 years but these statistics fall dramatically if they are supported by a trusted advisor. I could be onto something here. Who do I call to make this happen? Julie Collins MP, I respectfully ask you to expect my call.

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