Hump day is happy day

Posted: 26 May '22
Hump day is happy day

Hump day is happy day

We love all our clients in the Appy family. But I have a special fondness for visiting one particular client. They are an old-fashioned jeweller that have been around in the city since the mid 1960’s, Penfold Jewellers. The owner, Ken Penfold, is an experienced and talented jeweller (and raconteur) who has spent a lifetime collecting stories and sourcing amazing treasures to sell to his loyal customers. Some are new pieces, and some have a history, but all are special and unusual.

Every Wednesday when I visit the store, Ken points out another little sparkly morsel for me to admire and try on. I also get to hear all the amazing stories of the week. My favourite recent story was a customer who brought in a piece belonging to her adult son that she had convinced him to sell on the premise that “it’s way too showy to be worn by someone in our family.” Seriously, their loss is someone else’s gain because the piece is spectacular. Pop into the store sometime soon and see if you can guess which piece it is. There are plenty of dazzlers to choose from.

So, hump day for me always comes with a few laughs and a little bit of glamour and frosting. Completely different to Medical Monday or Tradie Tuesday. Variety certainly keeps our little practice interesting. If your business could very well be a good fit in any of these alliterated categories, or even Foodie Friday, we would be delighted to fold you into our mix. That idea is not half baked!

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