Halloween eyebrows and a grateful ass

Posted: 28 Oct '21

This week I ventured outside the village of West End. For weeks I’ve been desperate for a haircut but hadn’t had the time to research for a new hairdresser. So, I did what we all do when looking for a service provider and asked a friend. She recommended a lovely woman in Hawthorne. The haircut turned out great, exactly as I wanted. But just as I was about to exit stage left, the hairdresser said, “Have you ever thought about dyeing your eyebrows”? I’ll take any excuse to be pampered and agreed. Big mistake. I came out looking like a cross between Cara Delevingne and that woman with the botched facelift from the movie “Just go with it”. Don’t get me wrong, Cara’s eyebrows look great on her, but on me, well, let’s just say you could use my face to frighten little children for Halloween. Thank goodness for huge glasses. They shield my horror from the public. But it did make me wonder, why I didn’t choose a specialist. I wouldn’t ask my plumber to do electrical work or my dentist to build me a house. And I definitely wouldn’t ask an unqualified relative to do my bookkeeping. But I did choose to let someone I hadn’t vetted to give my eyebrows a crack and I am reminded of my error in judgement every time I look in the mirror.

Which brings me to the second amazing story of the week. JOG took on a painter client about 12 months ago. Due to a marriage breakdown, the business had been left bookkeeper-less and in a bit of pickle. It’s been a journey of education and perseverance, but they are now up to date, on track and thriving. The owner is so happy with the work we’ve done for them that he bought a new pet and named it after me. It’s a cow. Yes folks, there is now a cow out there in the world named in my honour. I’m thinking of it as the ultimate compliment and a reward for great work. But I’m also thinking it could have been a lot worse. He had been toying with the idea of buying a donkey and then I would have literally had my name on an ass. Noice! I’m sure that was one of my goals on the 5-year business plan.

So, the moral for this week is

1. Ask a friend for a referral before you let anyone touch your eyebrows and 

2. If you aren’t feeling inclined to name your next pet after your bookkeeper, perhaps it’s time to give us a call.


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