Time to relax and celebrate

Posted: 21 Dec '23
Time to relax and celebrate

Time to relax and celebrate

It’s that time of year when we are all dreaming of eating fruit mince pies on the beach, cooking the Christmas turkey in an oven that could fire up the sun and melting in the Queensland heat. Time sure flies when you are conquering the world of bookkeeping. Yes, it may be a profession with less cool factor than say, a crash test dummy and my constant lists may drive my hubby slightly ma. But hey, they do come into their own and take the stress out of the festive season. Presents wrapped? Check. Celebrations planned to a tee? Double check. Since the hard stuff is done, let’s take a moment to reflect on the whirlwind of achievements at Appy Books this year. Spoiler alert: it has been a stellar one!

First things first, let’s throw some confetti because guess who became a Gold Xero Partner in December? Appy Books did! The feeling of pride was off the charts, and it is fuelling my determination to push even harder in 2024. We are not just riding the wave of success; we are planning to make some big waves of our own, and I cannot wait to spill the beans in the new year.

One highlights of 2023 has been playing the role of a volunteer mentor for the Queensland Government Mentoring 4 Growth program. It is such a great program, and has been a joy-filled journey hearing from clever start-ups, soaking in their innovative ideas, and carrying that infectious enthusiasm into my daily work. It is like a cup of inspiration that never runs dry.

And let's not forget the thrill of real-life industry events! Xerocon Sydney in August and the Roadshow this year were like reunions where inspiring peers gathered to learn and laugh. The buzz of advisors connecting and networking was electric – everyone smiling, everyone eager to learn. Ah, the joy of human connection!

Then there is my newfound love for sharing knowledge. From being a panellist on industry webinars to an interview with the podcast The Ambitious Accountant – turns out, I am quite the chatterbox. 2024 is promising more panel appearances, and hey, I am hoping I still have the opportunity to be a judge of the next Bookkeeper of the year awards when they are held. Okay, maybe not world-famous, but it is definitely fun times ahead.

Now to Appy Books' achievements – because it is not just me having all the fun. We have grown our customer base by a whopping 29% this year and have given many more small businesses the opportunity to understand their financials and grow. We waved a sad goodbye to Tyrone and said a cheerful hi to Sami. We have completed more than fifty hours of professional development, enjoyed more than seventy networking meetings, and a I have managed to bash out a weekly blog that went from an audience of "three men and a dog" to something slightly bigger – yes, it has been a wild ride.

And let's not forget the laughs with our wild and wacky clients – keeping them on the straight and narrow while enjoying every minute of it. Because here at Appy Books, we believe in conquering the bookkeeping world with a smile on our faces and still having a life outside of spreadsheets.

As we close shop for a blissful two-week break starting today (21/12/23), I want to wish each and every one of you a happy and healthy festive season. Watch out, 2024 – Appy Books is gearing up to seize every opportunity you throw our way. Cheers to a fantastic year, and here's to an even more incredible one ahead!

Until next time, keep those spreadsheets sparkly and those dreams big. See you in 2024!

Stay ‘Appy

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