Prepare for year end now

Posted: 2 Jun '22
Prepare for year end now

Prepare for year end now

June is already upon us and that can mean only one thing; time to start preparing for EOFY. If you have already engaged a trusted advisor, I am sure they are all over it. Here at Appy, we have begun the annual clean-up for our clients’ data to ensure that the year end rollover goes swimmingly. But as a business owner, you may not know what to do or where to go to ask for helpful year end information. If that’s the case, have I got some resources for you!

I think that most savvy people in the world will agree that Xero have a wonderful product that assists millions of small businesses and their advisors every day. What Xero also have is a plethora of support documents and educational materials to make life easier. They inform and advise not only on software but also on suggested best practice for processes. That means that the end of financial year is their time to shine!

Below, I have a link to Xero’s list of small business year end resources. This includes written resources and links to live webinars in you need to refresh your knowledge. Basically, everything you could ever want to keep you calm while handling the stress of EOFY by yourself.

Xero have also produced a great calendar reminding you what is due when. You could use this as a reference to ensure no deadlines are missed over the next few busy months.

Finally, there is a summary small business guide of everything you will need to think about to close off your year. It’s succinct but comprehensive and I think it’s the perfect guide to keep close by.

So, there you have it. Xero will support small business in closing off the year if they are doing it on their own. But if it all gets too hard, we are only a phone call away. Appy Books can make your year-end relaxed and happy.

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