Numbers with heart

Posted: 19 Nov '23
Numbers with heart

Numbers with heart

This weekend, I read a Bookkeeping Facebook post about one of the heroes in our industry, Tori van der Donk. She and her business partner have for years run a program called Financial Superwomen, aimed at raising the financial literacy awareness of women, specifically those who have come out of DV environments.

They have recently received a grant from AAI Australia, but also have an opportunity to increase their grant if people vote for their program in the Peoples Choice award. If you would like to support them, you can vote for them at the below link.

This is such a great program, that it got me wondering about how many other finance professionals use their skills and give back to the community? I did a little research, and the answer is many. From  volunteering their financial skills to clubs and not for profits, to partnering with local environmental organisers for tree-planting campaigns, to working as small business mentors. Many financial professionals are supporting the community with their skills and professionalism. Whether in big cities or regional towns, accountants and bookkeepers are proving that their impact extends far beyond the balance sheet. It's heartening to see financial wizards using their skills to create positive change, one ledger at a time.

So, the next time you meet with your accountant or bookkeeper, remember that they may well be more than a number nerd – they could be the driving force behind a local community project, a supporter of environmental initiatives, or a mentor to a budding entrepreneur. After all, life is not just about counting the numbers; it's about counting on each other.

Stay 'Appy!

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