My favourite time of year

Posted: 7 Apr '23
My favourite time of year

My favourite time of year

Can you believe it's already April? Time sure flies, especially when you have a ton of BAS to complete.

This is actually my favourite time of year. For starters, the change of season in Brisbane means saying farewell to stifling humidity and hello to sunny days and crisp evenings, making it the perfect time to explore the great outdoors. Whether you're planning a road trip, a hiking adventure, or a camping trip over Easter, the cooler temperatures make it easier to enjoy without feeling like you're melting. It’s also the perfect time for advisors to start planning for the next financial year before the confluence of crazy takes over. It’s a time to review and plan.

So where do you start? I always start with four questions.

What are we doing well?

What can we improve?

What new service lines do we want to offer?

How can we automate them?

This is pretty much the basis for every Appy review. I always like to push to see what other services we can offer. It is the setting of these stretch targets that help our business grow. Even if you don’t achieve all of the targets, you are not resting on past success.

Our search for improvement and efficiency was the birthplace of Appy Dash. We wanted to offer regular advisory services to our existing clients but in a way that was time efficient and repeatable. I had also sat in a multitude of accountant/client tax planning meetings every May where the accountant created the same set of KPIs for each client using a spreadsheet and I thought, “There has to be a better way”. There was and it is now out there roaming the world like an advisory super hero.

Appy Dash is definitely gaining some traction in this space and I am thinking in this short window of quiet, we might collect a few more happy customers. Give us a shout if you would like to take Appy Dash for a test drive. It might just be the answer to one of your four annual review questions.

So, during this magical time of year of great weather, chocolate and bunnies, grab every opportunity to relax with your family and indulge. The start planning how to tackle your next year targets and remember, it may be Appy Dash that will keep you and your clients  ‘appy.

Appy Easter!

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