It's Gold, Gold Gold!

Posted: 11 Dec '23
It's Gold, Gold Gold!

It's Gold, Gold Gold!

Today I feel like singing and dancing, even more so than usual. Over the weekend, Appy Books hit Xero Gold partner status. To us, it’s a big deal! It’s been something we have been working towards, generally since the practice started in March 2014, but specifically, since May 2023. But let me take a step back and explain for the people who maybe don’t know what this means, why I am so excited.

Since Xero started in 2006, the powers-that-be have always encouraged the relationship between a small business and their advisor. Yes, they have always wanted to make money and grow their number of subscriptions. But they also recognise that by providing subscriptions to millions of small businesses worldwide to manage their finances, they also have a responsibility to try to make those businesses successful. And what does their data tell them the number one way a business is more successful? By having a trusted advisor on board helping them to understand their financials and guiding their business journey. It’s also a great growth strategy for Xero. If the advisors are on board, they will encourage the SMEs to use the product and therefore grow the subscription base. So, how does this relate to the partner status? For every client that an advisor has using a Xero product, they receive points. The more points you have, the higher the status. The higher the status, the bigger discounts you receive on subscriptions. Think of it like a frequent flyer program. For Appy Books, firstly we didn’t choose to be a Xero only practice because of any points or benefits. We chose it because we think it is the best. And secondly, all our clients pay for their own Xero subscriptions, so our benefit is not financial. To us, reaching Gold status means we have hit the big time. A tiny, one practitioner bookkeeping practice in Brisbane is punching way above their weight in this competitive industry. I am hoping it will mean a seat at the grown-ups table so we can share our experiences and thoughts for positive change for solo practitioners. That’s why I am excited.

It's been a hectic year to get here. In May 2023, Tyrone, my assistant at the time, and I hatched a plan of how we could get to Gold by Christmas. I don’t think we actually believed it would happen because it was such a stretch target. It represented growing the practice to roughly 60 clients. But we sat down and worked through how many new clients we would need every month and planned how we could expand and still complete all the work on time and to our high standards. And then we motored towards that goal. Tyrone left for greener pastures, with many good wishes, in July to follow his dream of joining the armed forces. But how delicious that we actually passed the Gold points threshold over the weekend because of a referral from Ty. Even from the outside, he was supporting our goal.

So, a big bottom-of-my-heart thanks to Tyrone and my new assistant, Sami, for all their hard work and help. Thanks to my long-suffering husband and my family for your support and also for never complaining while listening to me rabbit on about this goal. And thanks to all our clients, new and old, for trusting us and inviting us into your businesses. We are so grateful and proud to be able to support you. Bring on Platinum Status. We have 300 points. Only 700 points to go.

Stay ‘Appy!

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