Crazy resilience or just crazy?

Posted: 9 Jun '22
Crazy resilience or just crazy?

Crazy resilience or just crazy?

There is no denying the last two years have been tough for small businesses. But if you are still around and hanging in there, it means you are resilient. Or crazy, but let’s be positive and go with resilient. Appy Books’ clients have not been immune to the pressure. We work with a wide variety of industries so were lucky we had the capacity to help when clients needed it most. And that was the surprising thing. Not everyone was affected by the pandemic at the same time. The early lockdowns shut down hospitality businesses but helped e-retail as people stuck at home spent more online. Medical services slowed early as surgeries were cancelled and tradies, well, they have just been busy the whole time. Anecdotally, now the reverse is happening. Even though the world is suffering supply chain issues and the cost of goods are increasing rapidly, hospitality businesses are starting to show the return of growth. They have trouble finding staff, but they are on the path to better times. But retail businesses are now suffering. People have been reluctant to return to work in the CBD and with the interest rate increases already starting to bite, discretionary online spending has dried up. To attract new clients, e-businesses have had to be clever and take their wares to the people. One of those clever clogs is our lovely client, Bonita Collective. They sell the most beautiful, tactile clothing online. You know, the kind of gorgeous clobber you drool over on Instagram. Well, for the next little while, you can admire it up close and personal. They are running their Winter Pop-Up right here in little old West End (at West Village) from 10th to 30th June 2022. Check out the link below for more details.

All of us should be doing our little bit to support our favourite small businesses. So, get out there and spend some of your hard-earned cash. You deserve it! The wonderful thing is it will not only put a smile on your dial. You just might also help a small business owner make it to the other side of crazy resilience.

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