Retiring? Nah, cloud accounting is too nuanced, mate.

Posted: 7 Oct '21

You don’t have to look too carefully to see advertisements telling you how easy it is to use cloud accounting software. I mean, it says so right there on the back of buses. And I agree, it is easy to use. But there is a big difference between stumbling through and posting cash as you spend and receive it to understanding your business and planning for the payment of your liabilities. For that you may need a helping hand.

Whenever JOG take on a new client, we always do a quick audit of their Xero accounts to understand the health of their file and see how we can make a difference with processes and training. The biggest glaring downfall we often see is clients not posting purchase invoices to their software. Instead, they keep all the paperwork in a pile on their desk (or in a shoe box) ready to pay when they have some cash available. The cash flow theory is great, but why not use the software instead of your desk to save bills for future payment? You are less likely to lose documents, you’ll know how much you owe at the click of a button and it will allow you to automate the payment process saving you valuable time. Win, win, win. And the big plus is it won’t cost you anything extra. You are already paying for the software so you may as well just use it in the manner it was intended. This may be one of those times you have a light bulb moment when it’s pointed out to you by an advisor. 

We find a similar situation with sales invoices. Often businesses have extra apps to manage their sales and quotations but they haven’t integrated them with their cloud accounting software. So, they have two great systems, both easy to use, doing their thing but they aren’t talking to one another. Having a professional provide some integration consulting can take you from being a zero to a hero in understanding how your business is travelling. Think of it like app marriage counselling getting all parties talking to one another. Even the best marriages sometimes need a helping hand.

The bottom line is cloud accounting software is easy to use; the advertisements don’t lie. But it can also be far more nuanced than you think. A big part of JOG advisory is spent understanding your business, finding better process solutions and managing change. There is yet to be a cloud app that can mimic that experience. If there was, I’d subscribe and retire to the beach to sip cocktails. Chin-chin to that!

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