Have your data party in the cloud

Posted: 1 May '21

Accounting has come a long way baby. Gone are the days when you could only complete your work on one special personal computer in the office and when having data at your fingertips meant carrying around a pile of paper reports. Cloud accounting software changed everything. So, what is cloud accounting. It means that the accounting software is stored and operates over the internet rather than being loaded onto a specific device. Think of it as just like internet banking. Instead of having to go to the bank to do transactions, you can do them using an application on your favourite device. Same with cloud accounting. You can be sitting in your favourite coffee shop (rather than the office) and send a customer an invoice using a cloud accounting app from your phone. Apart from the obvious locational flexibility (particularly great during the COVID lockdown), cloud accounting gives you a better overview of your finances with real time data and will improve collaboration between you and your trusted advisors. It also gives you the option to go paper free. Win, win. If you want your business to work smarter and faster, it’s worth the investment and JOG Consulting can smooth the path of change for you with tailored programs of implementation and training. Call us for a great solution.

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