App or a fairy godmother?

Posted: 29 Jul '21

It’s a well know fact that I am a total clutz. I drop things, I wildly gesticulate and knock over wine glasses and I fall flat on my face while out exercising. That’s just a regular day in the life of me. So, I often think how great it would be if I had a fairy godmother who followed me around and prevented all those calamities from occurring. It’s the same in business. Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone keeping an eye on all the stuff in the background and told you when to zig instead of zag? I mean, that is what we do for our clients, but every superhero in a cape needs a sidekick!

Which leads me to a great app we have been trialling for our clients called Aider. It uses AI to access the data in the apps you already use to give you insights (in plain English) into your finances, sales, marketing or anything else you want to track. I have been testing it on a couple of our clients and am loving the updates. It’s shown me where sales have dropped on a particular product (they had low stock), it’s highlighted overdue sales and purchase invoices (an invoice had been entered twice) and it has told me at a glance what needed to be reconciled for each client before we lodged the BAS. Adding value right there! The clients have now loaded the groovy little app to their phones so they get regular updates of their financial progress during the month. And because it’s AI, the more we use it, the more accurate answers we get. It even allows us to activate the assistant by either text or voice. Just like having a virtual assistant on staff in your pocket 24/7. Like every good partnership, it takes time to make it hum but I am loving the potential and the ability to provide our clients with even better service.

Now if I can just get Aider to remind me to pick up my feet and not to spill my wine, I think they will be onto an absolute winner!

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