Celebrating working mums

Posted: 11 May '23
Celebrating working mums

Celebrating working mums

Mother's Day - the day we celebrate all those special women in our lives that have the innate ability to read us like a book, skilfully manage varying family personalities with differing opinions and somehow, also carve out a life for themselves. Throw in a career and you have magicians that manage to bend time. If I had to name one skill that working mothers possessed, I would choose plate twirling. They are kind of like those amazing circus jugglers; moving from task to task and miraculously keeping every plate in the air.

I wanted to celebrate some amazing Australian mothers this week. Women who are doing it all; they are plate twirlers at home but also achieving great things in their careers. They have managed to balance the demands of motherhood, career and also give back. Superheroes every one of them. So, who are these inspiring women who are making their mark in the world of Australian business?

First up is Jane Lu, the founder of Showpo and a mother of two. Jane started Showpo as a side hustle while working in finance, and it has since grown into a multi-million-dollar global fashion empire. She has been recognized as one of Forbes' "30 Under 30" and has been a vocal advocate for women in business. Despite her success, Jane has always been open about the challenges of being a working mother and has made it a priority to promote flexible working arrangements for her team. I love that she also started a Facebook page called “Like minded bitches drinking wine”, a place for female entrepreneurs and business owners to bond over their experiences. I can get on board with that philosophy!

Another impressive mum is Melanie Perkins, the Co-founder and CEO of Canva, a graphic design platform used by millions worldwide, including me. Melanie started Canva from her mum's living room and has since raised over $300 million in funding. She has been named as one of Forbes' "Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs" and has been a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion in tech. Melanie is also a mother of two and credits her massive success to a combination of perseverance and determination, qualities many working mothers possess.

Next up is Jodie Fox, the Co-founder of Shoes of Prey, a customizable shoe company that has been featured in major publications worldwide. Jodie started Shoes of Prey as a way to solve her own shoe shopping frustrations and has since built a successful business that has attracted many high profile investors including Nordstrom. She is also a mother of two and has been a vocal advocate for women in business, encouraging others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. When I worked in the corporate world, one of my actual entrepreneurial dreams was to own many pairs of fancy shoes. Now, however,  it’s sneakers every day.

Last but certainly not least is Dr. Catriona Wallace, the founder and CEO of Flamingo AI, an artificial intelligence company that helps businesses improve customer service. Catriona started her career as a police officer, is the founder of Responsible Metaverse Alliance which launched in 2022 to address potential safety and legal issues online, such as sexual harassment, and has been recognized as one of the world's most innovative business owners. She is also a mother of five, has made it a priority to promote work-life balance for her team and was recently announced as one of the new judges for “Shark Tank”. Phew, what on over achiever! That huge list of achievements kind of puts into perspective me complaining about being busy at end of financial year.

These are just a few of the amazing Australian women who are making a difference in the world of business while also being dedicated mothers. As you celebrate Mother's Day this Sunday, take a moment to honour all the hard-working mums out there who are achieving their goals and making their dreams a reality.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there!

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