Calling all receipt hoarders

Posted: 24 Mar '22
Calling all receipt hoarders

Calling all receipt hoarders

I have had a couple of days away at the beach this week recharging the batteries. It gave me time to think about some of the recurring mistakes I see with small business owners. I meet a lot of clients with fledgling businesses that have found themselves in a mess. They start the business with such high hopes but months later, they don’t know where they are financially because they don’t have time for everything. And paperwork is the first thing to slide

I met a new client today that has kept two years worth of receipts in a shoe box with the intention of doing something with them. But, time went by and panic set in because it’s April, and that’s really close to another EOFY and nothing has progressed. He was too embarrassed to find help and was so apologetic that the receipts had all just been squashed into the box. We are just glad that he kept the receipts at all and made the decision call us for help. We see this all the time so a box of receipts doesn't phase us. That’s exactly what practices like Appy Books eat for breakfast. Our mission, if we choose to accept it, is to flatten and process receipts, unscramble messes, search down rabbit holes and make lives easier.

It seems obvious to say but, it’s not a failure asking for help. Being in business is full on and we don’t have time to do everything ourselves. In our personal lives, we have specialists to help us out so why not have them in business as well. For example, most of us are probably capable of cutting our own hair, but there’s no way I’m attempting that. Or using the old adage, don’t hammer a nail with a screwdriver. In business, find qualified specialists that can help you, and reach out. Whether it’s for bookkeeping or plumbing, you are not only helping yourself. You may also be helping out another small business.

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