Adieu - Please don't forget me

Posted: 29 Sep '23
Adieu - Please don't forget me

Adieu - Please don't forget me

I am off on leave next week. For the last few years, partly due to COVID disruptions, we have taken short, sharp annual leave breaks close to home. This means that I have always travelled with my laptop and have worked while I was away. Next week, that all changes! I am going to be adrift in a sea of limited work communication. It’s freaking me out. How will I maintain my control? And that, right there, is the heart of the problem. We all know that as small business owners, we're often juggling more tasks than a circus clown on a unicycle. But guess what? Even the most dedicated circus clowns need a break, and so do I! I just need to have faith that I will follow through with giving up control.

The hard part, after being so available to your clients for years, is how do you break the news that you'll be taking some well-deserved time off? You could just say “Bye! I am on leave for the next three weeks” but where is the fun in that? Surely, there are more entertaining ways to break the news. Here are a couple of silly suggestions.

1. The "Mission Impossible" Email

Subject: "Mission (Not So) Impossible: I'm Taking a Break!" (Cue the music!)

Morning dudes!

I hope you are ready for a little adventure because guess what? I am taking a short break! Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to manage without me for three weeks.

Picture me in slow-motion, jumping away from exploding spreadsheets and accounting for wine bottles, because that's what I'll be doing! But don't worry, I've left my trusty sidekick, Sami, to take care of things while I'm away. She is taller than Tom Cruise, so, if you need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. Promise me you won’t blow anything up until I'm back in action!

Love Trace x

Or, I could try

2. The "Pirate's Code" Voicemail 

"Ahoy, matey! You've reached the treasure chest of Trace at Appy Books. I'm currently off on a swashbuckling adventure, searching for the fabled Fountain of R&R (that's Rest and Relaxation, me hearties!).

But fear not! My trusty parrot assistant, Sami, is keeping a sharp eye on things. Leave your message, and I'll set sail back to you as soon as I return from the high seas. Until then, yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of... sunscreen!"

Or, finally even

3. The "Out of Office" Wizardry

Subject: "I'm Not a Wizard, But I Am Out of the Office!"

Hello, small business magicians!

I hope you're ready to embark on a quest of self-discovery bookkeeping, because I'm taking a little magical sabbatical!

In the realm of emails and calls, I'll have limited powers for the next three weeks. But fret not, my wizard apprentice, Sami, will be holding down the fort in my absence. If it's an emergency, send a raven (just kidding, email

In the meantime, may your spreadsheets be sorted, your debtor payments be swift, and your coffee be extra strong. I'll be back before you can say "abracadabra!"

Ok, they are all a little ridiculous. Blame it on my holiday mood, but you get the picture. I have to keep in mind that no-one is indispensable. All my client babies will cope without me. I just hope not too well. I did have one client, when I first started the Appy Books, dump me by removing my Xero access while I was away on one week of leave because I wasn’t always available when she needed me. Maybe that’s why I am panicking. It’s my Dumpsville PTSD kicking in. I just have to keep remembering, that taking a break isn't just good for me; it's essential for keeping the magic alive in the practice.

So, if you are also freaking out about ever stepping away from your small business pride and joy, you are not alone. Embrace your inner comedian, let your clients in on the fun, and enjoy your well-deserved time off.

Until next time, keep rocking your small business world with a sprinkle of humour and a dash of adventure!

Stay ‘Appy!

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