5 tips to make you a Xero hero

Posted: 25 Aug '22
5 tips to make you a Xero hero

5 tips to make you a Xero hero

If you have used Xero for a while, you will have probably already worked out that it's logical software that is easy to use. But, just in case your Xero Hero cape is still lost in the post, here are five simple tips to improve your skills today.

  • Did you know that you can open multiple Xero pages at the same time? Great for those days when you are halfway through creating a transaction and need to check a different screen. Press Cntrl t to open a new tab then if you have saved Xero to your toolbar, click on the Xero login icon. Simple. 
  • You can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate quickly around the software. Click on the magnifying glass in the top right of the screen then type the shortcut letter of where you want to go. 


  •  Have you found the “Create new” button? Click on the + sign in the top right of the screen and a drop-down list will appear. You can choose to create new items such as invoices, bills, contacts, or spend and receive money.

  • There are many shortcuts in date fields. For example type t for today, yes for yesterday, +7 for 7 days from now or next y for the same day next year. A definitive list of these can be found at the following link


  • Xero has an inbuilt calculator. It is available in the Quantity, Unit Price and Disc % fields in transactions, and the Debit and Credit fields in manual journals. Useful for equations when you left your calculator in your other cape.

So, get cracking and don’t forget to share your results. You’ll be a Xero Hero before you know it.

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